Here I am with my friend Gordon Shumway. That's me on the right. (Click for more pixels.)

Greetings, Earthling

Bill French here. I'm medium in size, a big ALF fan, and have hair like a Lego person. I'm currently a senior web engineer at HUGE, where I spend my days making the Internet, mostly in Javascript and Python. Check out recent work on the portfolio page. I wish Joe Walsh would re-materialize as his young self and start busting out jams like this one again.

Photo credit: Kata Lips.

Kicks Out the Jams

I've played drums for a bunch of bands over the years, some of which are featured on the music page. Not currently involved in any projects, but am always happy to entertain the idea. I've got a totally clear 1976 Ludwig Vistalite kit (pictured here, sizes 14x24, 9x13, 16x16) that I'm looking to trade for a silver, gold, or champagne sparkle kit. Any vintage 60's/70's Ludwig or Gretsch are both cool with me. Prefer a 22" kick.

We're coming for you.

Loves to Doodle

This is what happens when I sit down at the kitchen table and draw. Well, something like this. I don't always draw pink, sentient, football-sized bedbugs.