Kick Out the Jams

I've been fortunate to have played in a bunch of bands with some really talented people. Here's a sampling. This page is very much so a work in progress.


The Bods went on hiatus in the winter of 2013.

We laid down basic tracks at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia with Jeff Zeigler, then spent another couple of months overdubbing and mixing here in Brooklyn and at a house upstate. We were interrupted by, then finished the record in spite of Hurricane Sandy.

Killer party vibe. Full spectrum rock and roll. Pressed 300 LPs on black virgin vinoleum. Believe it or not, some are still available! Features include download code, crackly vinyl sound, sublime trophy photography, and shrink wrap. Get yours while supplies last.

Mist and Mast

Berkeley-based musician Jason Lakis started Mist and Mast after his old band The Red Thread stopped playing regularly. He wrote and performed the first, self-titled album on his own, then recruited a group to play shows. I was the drummer.

On the second album, embedded here, half the songs are all Jason, the other half feature the full lineup. Mist and Mast released a third album, Follow a Bad Map, in 2012.


Furies, a noisy, instrumental power trio who sadly never got off the ground. The only memory of Furies is captured in these practice space recordings. The epitome of obscurity.

Sky Pilots

Last I checked MySpace wasn't capable of streaming music anymore. Whatever. We recorded this album with Tim Greene at Louder Studios in San Francisco. It was fun.

Enjoy a Day Off from SKY PILOTS on Myspace.

The Hot Under the Collars

Coming soon.


Recorded on the first day of spring in 1998, Cambridge, MA, by a guy named Johnny Harris.